Xiaomi mi 12 could be very faster than any other phone

Xiaomi mi 12 could be very faster than any other phone

Many flagship phones are already charged very quickly, but it looks like Xiaomi Mi 12 – or another next Xiaomi phone – could take these speeds to a brand new level.

This is because the brand shared a video on Twitter showing a new loading technology called Xiaomi hypercharge, which offers a 200W wireload and a wireless charge of 120W. On the cable front, according to Xiaomi, just get a battery of 4000 mAh loaded from 100% in just eight minutes. It can apparently reach 10% in 44 seconds and 50% in three minutes.

If you go wireless, you can get a load of 10% in one minute, a 50% charge in seven minutes and a charge of 100% in 15 minutes. It’s incredibly fast and means you never really waited for your phone will again.

It is also significantly faster than the current fast charging technology. Xiaomi already leads the path, with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra offering 120W wired wire load speeds and the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra offering 67W wireless loads, but this new technology is a huge boost at a time at both these two.

So far, it is not clear when we see this technology on phones, but since Xiaomi teases and presenting it as a feature finished, we may be too long. So, perhaps we will see it on the Xiaomi Mi 11t range (probable landing in September) or on the Xiaomi Mi 12 (probably launched at the beginning of 2022).

However, it should be noted that Xiaomi has not largely deployed its 120W wire loading technology, with the Xiaomi Mi 11 range loads slower speeds than the ultra mid 10, which might not be something we Let’s see many phones.

There could be good reasons why, while ultra-fast load is not always ideal for long-term battery health, which is probably one of the reasons why Samsung and Apple did not have it not adopted. However, like a party trick, it is safe to impress, and it could also be very useful at any time, you only have a few minutes to load your phone.