Sony Airpeak S1 Drone gets an official launch and starts anterially dogfight with DJI

Sony Airpeak S1 Drone gets an official launch and starts anterially dogfight with DJI

Sony Airpeak S1 Drone has just taken off in a full launch – and it promises to be a tool of Aerial which defeats DJI for Pro filmmakers.

Sony had teased the air, his first drone, because this project was first announced in November 2020, but now released full specifications and price labels from the Alpha flying machine.

Sony said S1 S1 airpeak will be a three-part film making system, which consists of drones, aircraft flight applications (ie, strangely, iOS-specifically) and Cloud Plus services. Of course, the drone itself is the most interesting of this, and airpeak S1 has some very impressive specifications.

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Sony said the S1 airpeak would be able to zip from 0-50mph in just 3.5 seconds, which was 1.5 seconds faster than the acceleration equivalent to DJI inspiring 2, the fastest DJI drone outside the DJI FPV small.

Agility like this eagle is supported by the highest speed of 56mph – while it’s not exactly in the racing drone area, it’s enough to pinake 2.53kg weighted drones (including cameras). The weight and four aircraft propellers also ensure it will be stable in the wind to 44.7 mph, which is about double the DJI resistance inspiring 2.

Outside of this specification, Sony hopes that the sales of the S1 air key will be compatibility with the full frame alpha camera, such as Sony A7S III and Sony A1. These cameras, and their impressive reach of G teacher lenses in a variety of focal lengths, certainly promises to produce some spectacular air recordings, if the S1 airpeak flies and recommended specifications.

Although previously it was possible to use Sony cameras with other drones using dreadlocks from DJI and other third party companies, their integration with airpeak promised to be far more services, thanks to features such as new flight applications.

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Strangely, this application is currently only iOS without current plans for the Android version, which seems strange considering that the Sony Xperia Phones runs on the Google OS. But air leaflets are more likely to use tablets like iPad as their viewfinder, where iOS-only compatibility starts more reasonable.

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