Zoom wants to give the whole world of your hybrid work

Zoom wants to give the whole world of your hybrid work

Because many employees will soon return to the office after working from home for the past year, Zoom has announced the launch of a new hardware category designed for hybrid work called zoom telephone equipment.

The new Zoom cellphone equipment company combines technology behind the video conference software with hardware from Poly and Yealink to provide users with an all-in-one telephone telephone solution that can make and receive video calls and phone calls.

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Zoom head from Zoom phones and zoom rooms, Graeme Geddes explained in a press release. How new zoom phone appliance program will allow workers to communicate easier whether they work from home or back in the office, by saying:

“Traditional workplaces evolve and adapt, and our aim is to empower the workforce to achieve more by blurs the lines between sound and video. The New Appliance Phone Zoom program offers a choice of zoom cellphone hardware built from the purpose of Poly and Yealink, Streamline communication, eliminate friction, and enable strong communication experience. “

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