Signature everrati is a Porsche 911 Porsche 911 classic with electricity

Signature everrati is a Porsche 911 Porsche 911 classic with electricity

The German appearance of the Porsche car maker has explained that 911 will be the last in the portfolio to receive all-electric powertrain. However, it does not stop conversion specialists such as evrice from creating all-electricity 911. The car you see here is the signature of Everrati, EV 964 based on 964 with carbon and soul body panels from Porsche vintage.

“Using modern engineering techniques and integrating advanced EV powertrains, we further improve the performance of each car, but ensure they have the same shades of driving with heavy distribution – and overall weight – reflecting the original,” said Justin Lunny, Everrati CEO. “This allows automotive icons such as 964 Porsche 911 to be reborn for the age of zero emissions mobility, but with a whole soul.”

Everrati’s signature has the original Porsche Widody Bumper combined with a carbon wing to give it a wide-shouldal display that is not wrong. Doors and hoods are also carbon fibers to reduce weight, while customers can assign carbon fiber roofs. With this mod, signatures are significantly lighter than stock 964.

Under hood, you will not find 250 3.6-liter flat horses flat-six. Instead, Everrati’s signature has an electric motor that pushes the rear wheels and 53 kWh batteries, pumping 500 horsepower and 369 pounds of torque. Everrati claims zero to 60 mph runs in 4.0 seconds flat and driving distance 150 miles. The battery accepts DC charging to refill juice from 10 percent for full in just one hour.

“One of the interesting values ​​to evrice is the level of obsessive detail this company to ensure that EV technology is sympathetic,” said Mike Kerr, a technical director in Evrati and previously worked for Lotus. “The transformation for electrical power also involves the optimization of heavy distribution, chassis response, and safety to improve its original performance, revive the character and soul.”

Underneath, Everrati’s signature has a standard coilover suspension to improve handling, brembo brakes unique with energy recovery, and a welded monocoque chassis to increase stiffness. Buyers have the option to install the adaptive traction silencer to provide a better compromise between handling and comfort.