The Windows 10 update is spoiling with the taskbar – but there is an easy solution

The Windows 10 update is spoiling with the taskbar – but there is an easy solution

Windows 10 recently received a new preview update and it would encourage problems with the taskbar for some users.

Patch KB5003214 is an overview of the June cumulative update, but as well as the known problems listed by Microsoft, there is an icon problem on the taskbar that happens ill, as indicated by Windows.

This hotfix is ​​for updating May 2021, update of October 2020 and May 2020 update the versions of Windows 10 (which are essentially the same version, with minor modifications in the most recent). KB5003214 started moving earlier this week with some bug fixes, and the update also made the “News and Interest” feature on the task bar available for everyone.

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And it is the latter where the problem of the taskbar would reside. Some users complain that the system tray area of ​​the taskbar (in other words, the icons located on the far right) are disagreeped by this hotfix, with that apparently being linked to having activated “News and interests “

Some people have contacted Windows last to describe the problem, with a reader of the site indicating that their system tray icons overlap or disappear and usually suffer from the corruption of one type or another, “especially” with the press function on. Others have observed problems with the notifications of action centers, or the network icon no longer works properly, nor the search area of ​​the disappearing task bar, and the icons disappear or moving randomly in The system status bar.

A user who installed the patch reported on the Microsoft Feedback Hub: “After installing the update of the KB5003214 quality cumulative preview, I have problems with the taskbar, mainly the right side icons. Shift at random, disappear (hide) or will be scrambled. Tested on a surface book 3 Business and Alienware M17 R5. “

The user observed that uninstalling the update made the problem disappear.

Another report on the return return hub complained: “After installing KB5003214, my taskbar (bottom right with clock, notification center, network icon, etc.) all broken. The icons appeared on the Clock for a little bit disappeared. “

A Denizen of Reddit also reported “graphic problems” with the system tray of the taskbar being messed up or even disappeared entirely.

There are also users experimenting with display analysis problems that could be linked to KB5003214, and again, there is a thread on reddit where people complain about the icon of the new feature that has the Blurred or blurred air.

Fast fixation

Of course, preview updates are always in the tests. It is therefore not surprising that there are problems – although these resembles particularly frustrating Niggles to always be left at this point.

Several simple potential fixes for the issue have been reported and we have already mentioned: simply uninstall KB5003214. However, there are also reports that this is only disabling the news widget from the taskbar will cure corruption icon problems, a much simpler solution.

A possible solution is described by ‘old_old_geek’ on reddit: “Once the startup is complete, right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar Settings. Switch the setting to ‘use the small buttons From the taskbar. Once the taskbar is redesigned, use the setting again. It works for me. I guess it’s because it strengthens the task bar to be redesigned. “

Note, another Reddit user suggests that: “News and interests make it cause cause when it is disabled. It is as if they deliberately broke the taskbar so you activate the functionality.” Well That it works against the grain of what all the others report, namely that the Gremins manifest if the functionality is activated – not disabled.

Clearly, there is a problem from a kind of other here, and I hope it’s a Microsoft can correct before this preview update is deployed as a cumulative update of June.