Beats Studio Buds Get Size in New Regulatory Photos

Beats Studio Buds Get Size in New Regulatory Photos

Apple’s worst secret photos have appeared online once more, with the Beats studio buds that have not been announced in the new image delivered to the Taiwan National Communication Commission (NCC) database, as seen by Macrumor.

Image of regulations, which shows studio beats buds in black choices, gives us our best look in Earbuds, offering good indications about alternative size and alternative forms of airpods.

In addition, the images show one of the Beats Studio Buds with and without the tip of the silicone ear, which might be included with the Earbud in various sizes.

According to Macrumor, the database also confirms that the studio bump to use a USB-C cable for charging, which is supported by the inclusion of the USB-C port in the case of charging shoots than the lightning port.

New images have arrived after what looks like a number of ‘leaks’ carefully, including the determination found in TVOS 14.6 and iOS 14.6 betas, and some public photos of LeBron James wore a bud that had not been released posted to Instagram ,

Beats Studio Buds: What can we expect?

Deats’ upcoming Studio Buns is expected to be the first true wireless Earbud brand to be released since Powerbeats Powerbeats are more focused on sports 2019.

While the Powerbeats mentioned above the Pro displays fitness-friendly designs and is clearly aimed at what is more physically active between us, the studio knock budget seems to only be a traditional wireless earbud.

This can cause some people to wonder why Apple will choose to step on his own fingers by releasing products that can share the focus of his own in-ear airpods headphones.

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