Red Shield VPN Review

Red Shield VPN Review

Red Shield VPN is a small provider of VPN services with applications that allow you to create an encrypted tunnel to its VPN server in your preferred country and city.


This VPN provider offers four subscription plans to choose from: one month, three months, six months, and twelve months, with the latter bring the biggest discount at $ 49.90 / year (equivalent to $ 4.16 / month).

With the Red Shield VPN, you will be able to run up to five simultaneous VPN connections and you will even get a refund if the service is not in accordance with your wishes.

Even though the website says that the money warranty is 14 days, we are notified by customer support that it actually lasts one month and no questions will be asked before the refund is spent. And if you face a serious problem outside that period, you will still be eligible for refunds.

The payment method received is limited to debit / credit cards, Bitcoin and Dash alone. There is no PayPal in the image which means there is no additional protection provided by the payment processing company. On the plus side, you will benefit from additional anonymity if you pay with Cryptocurrency.


The Red Shield VPN still has a lot of work to do if you want to stand shoulder-to-shoulders with heavy-class industries, such as ExpressVPN, Nordvpn, Surfshark or Cyberghost. This includes improving its applications, expanding the server network and can unblock popular streaming content today.


Many VPN services are able to provide access to their users to localized titles on popular streaming services today. Unfortunately, the Red Shield VPN is not one of them, as we witnessed himself.

Netflix refused to show us the exclusive US titles, even though we were connected to the server in the US, and no British server was available so we couldn’t even try streaming BBC iPlayer.

About the company

Red Shield VPN is a product of a private network laboratory. As it says by customer support, the company has several legal entities in countries such as the United Kingdom, USA and Latvia, but their teams are distributed throughout the world.

Vendors provide access to 20 servers in 10 locations in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Singapore, and the US. Each location has a different number of IPs, ranging from several to 24 per server.

Privacy and encryption

To protect your privacy, the Red Shield VPN uses the IKEV2, OpenVPN, and OpenConnect connection protocol. We were told by customer service that support for WIruard is also in work. VPN deploys the AES-256-CBC encryption algorithm and AES-512-CBC.

As an additional layer of defense, there are also killer switches, but are not active by default. The killer switch is a practical tool that ends your internet access every time your VPN connection is cut off, effectively prevents one of your sensitive data from leaking into the wrong hand.

The Red Shield VPN Privacy Policy states that it does not monitor user activity or store any log. He claimed that “There are no records of your activities such as which software you use, which websites do you visit, what content you download, which applications you use, etc. After you are connected to our server”. The FAQ provider states that torrent is also allowed.

This is a policy without a rather short log and we have no choice but to believe it, because it has not been verified by an external auditor.