Scan your face to see how exercise affects your mental health

Scan your face to see how exercise affects your mental health

ASICs have launched a new online study, asking you to report how you feel before and after exercise as part of a global study of the influence of mental exercises.

This study was launched today (June 2) to coincide with the global running day. To take part, visit the ASICS Mind Unlifter website (access on mobile and desktop), where you will be asked to scan your face to read your emotional state. You will then be asked to answer a series of questions designed to measure the function of your brain, before exercising at least 20 minutes.

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Even though the most famous asics because of running shoes, this can exercise. In fact, this study aims to capture various activities, and there are 25 activities entered as options.

After finishing, return to the website, take another scan, and repeat the survey and scan questions to make your contribution and see your results. You will also have the opportunity to upload the results to social media with the #UpliftingMinds hashtag, if you want.

Your data will contribute to interactive maps, where you can see the effects of sports in the city, country and throughout the world.

Save your face

You might worry about the implications of sending your face scanning (and understand so), so TechRadar asks what happens to this data, and how it is protected.

“ASICs are very careful to ensure that participants do not need to enter any personal data to use the uplifter mind,” the company said to us.

“While facial scanning technology is used as part of a tool, there is no record or screenshot of the faces of being saved participants and participants cannot be identified because they do not provide any personal data.”