VIRTUALSHIELD VPN is a new product on the VPN market that offers anonymity solutions for various types of users, from individuals and families to business.


Non-business users can choose between two service packages. The first is called protecting itself and designed for one user running a VPN connection on up to three devices simultaneously. Others protect my family, which is intended for groups between two and five people in the same household. This can be used on up to 15 devices simultaneously.

If you choose a package to protect myself, you will get the best discount for two-year subscriptions, which costs equivalent to $ 4.99 / month. Subscribed to the cheapest family will cost $ 14.99 / month for two years.

During the purchase process, you can also go for additional options such as unlimited streaming, plus protection, premium telephone support, monthly maintenance, basic privacy webcam, and webcam plus privacy – all of which increases the final price.

This generous 30-day free trial allows you to test the service for a full month and just cancel if you don’t want to continue. You must register and leave your financial details, but you are not charged for the first month. Just remember to cancel your subscription in time, because there is no refund.


VirtualShield has a good side, but is still far behind industrial leaders such as Expressvpn, Nordvpn, Surfshark and Cyberghost, which supports the installation on the router, has thousands of servers around the world, can unblock BBC iPlayer, and has independently verified no-log policy ,


Some VPN providers are able to provide users access to the geographical restricted content on the famous VOD platform they will not be able to watch. VirtualShield VPN is partly successful here, because it can unblock Netflix content without problems, but unblock BBC iPlayer has proven to be too far away.

About the company

This VPN service is run by VirtualShield LLC, with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The website states that it has a server in ten countries: the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, India, England, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Strangely, India does not appear on Windows applications but Serbia and Switzerland, which is not on the website list, offered as an option.

Privacy and encryption

To protect your privacy, VirtualShield uses the L2TP connection protocol and OpenVPN UDP / TCP but is silent on encryption problems. We cannot find information about the encryption algorithm used and customer support ignores our email.

Windows users will have access to the killer switch, which end internet access if the VPN connection is lost, but it needs to be activated manually. This application also has several other practical features, including App Guard, extensions from killer switches that allow VirtualShield to end the application automatically if the VPN connection is cut off.

Even though this provider is located in the US, it seems to allow torrent.

According to the privacy policy, you can be sure that your activities are safe from prying eyes, because the company does not “monitor user activity in any way does not maintain any log from our ‘VPN’ service.” This determines that this includes “which website you visit, what content you download, which applications you use, which software you use, etc. When connected to one of our servers on our VPN network.”


The only exception to temporarily record your connection is successful to one of the provider servers, “for the purpose that limits the simultaneous connection of the account.” This information includes your account ID and connection ID that is made randomly, and removed from the VirtualShield database as soon as you disconnect.

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