MacOS 11.4 Apparently fixed the problem reported with SSD WEAR IN M1 MACS

MacOS 11.4 Apparently fixed the problem reported with SSD WEAR IN M1 MACS

The problem where the Apple Mac SSD that runs the M1 chip should be beaten with excessive wear – or at least that looks not to be exaggerated – has been repaired, according to a new report.

You can remember the original story about the wear of SSD that reappeared in February, observing that the problem was only a serious problem for a small number of Mac owners – but still, it was clearly a concern.

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Apple has never been interested in commenting on the Gremlins SSD which is meant by works here, but AppleInsider now reports that the problem seems to recover in the new MacOS 11.4 update (which appears too late in May) – while noting that a source on Apple told them notes This bug is actually a data reporting error in the software measuring the use of SSD (maybe reappointed at that time).

In other words, the observed (in some rare cases) that worry about wear-and-tears actually does not occur on the drive physically (but rather, it is only wrongly reported as happening).

That in Apple Source informed the technology site that the 11.4 MacOS update had solved the problem, and AppleInsider confirmed that the operating system now reported ‘the right uptime statistics’ where it did not happen before.

Thrash no more

One of the twitter residents showed the problem at first, Hector Martin’s developer, also separately stated (just before the release of MacOS 11.4) that: “Update the problem of MacOS SSD thrashing: It seems that the problem is repaired in 11.4.”

Martin, however, maintains on the Twitter thread that this is an actual problem that causes the drive to be used as opposed to the wrong problem reported as indicated by AppleInsider and the source.

However, this problem seems to have been fixed with MacOS 11.4, so now it must be something from the past after the update is applied. Update 11.4 It also applies many security improvements, and cure some bugs including problems with safari.

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