Government serves an ultimatum: is the time running for Twitter in India?

Government serves an ultimatum: is the time running for Twitter in India?

Will Twitter push his luck too far in India? This is a question that is increasingly asked when the Indian government serves “one last notification” after the microblogging platform continues to remain incompatible with the new IT rules that kick the end of last month.

Bone arguments are the appointment of complaints officers as mandated by state law.

Twitter seems to have pointed to someone last week, and we have reported that much, but it turns out that the person appointed for that role is not a full-time employee.

And the Indian government seems to have run out of patience with Twitter, and it slapped “one last time notice” on it to immediately comply with the new rules, and warn that failure to do so will lead to the losing platform liberation from the responsibility to act.

“Complaints officers point to not Twitter employees”

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) in the notification said that it was more than a week since the new rules began to apply but Twitter refused to comply with the provisions of these rules.

“It is clear from his response until now that Twitter has not received information about the details of the Chief Compliance Officer as needed under the rules,” the Ministry’s notice said. Furthermore, resident complaints officers and Nodal Contact Person nominated are not Twitter employees inc. In India as determined in the rules, he added.

Twitter’s rejection to follow the rules showed “a lack of commitment to providing a safe experience for the Indian people”, the government said in the notification was addressed to Jim Baker, representative of the General Advisor.

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