Catherine Hawn – clean life and personal life

Catherine Hawn – clean life and personal life

Real Name: Catherine Mae Hawn
Birthday: November 30, 1947
Net Worth: N/A
Height: N/A
Occupation: Dean Martin’s ex-wife


Before the 70s, Catherine Hawn was not a famous person. However, when he married Dean Martin, who was considered one of the biggest entertainers of the 20th century, their union caught the attention of the media due to age gaps. His name is also quite popular. Unfortunately, though, their relationship doesn’t last long.

He was known as Dean Martin’s third wife, and there had been curiosity about Catherine Hawn. Not much is known about him because he always tried to live his life from media attention. However, we will tell you all that needs to be known about Catherine, so you must be in the right place if you want to learn more about Dean Martin’s third wife.

Table of Contents

  • Early Life & Education
    • Catherine Hawn’s Career
  • Personal Life
  • Catherine Hawn’s Net Worth
  • Conclusion

Catherine Hawn (unfortunately called Cathy) was born Catherine Mae Hawn, in the United States, on November 30, 1947, to American parents. The identity of his parents is unknown.

In terms of education, Catherine was considered to have several levels of education because she then worked as a receptionist later in life.

Career Catherine Hawn.

There is little information available about Catherine Hawn’s career, as she works as a receptionist at a hair salon called Gene Shacove Hair Salon, located in Beverly Hills, California. While he worked there, he married Martin and then became a famous person. His happy relationship and his new celebrity status made him appear on a number of magazine covers, including the film world with Beau Dean Martin.

On the other hand, Dean Martin had a very colorful professional career. He was a singer, actor, and comedian. His career was so illustrious that he earned the nickname The King of Cool.

Dean Martin’s career started to gain traction when he partnered with comedian Jerry Lewis, in 1946, in an act billed as Martin & Lewis. The duo got to perform in nightclubs. As their reputation grew, they began to appear on television, radio and were even featured in films. Their partnership met an unfortunate end in 1956, and Martin decided to focus on a solo career as an actor and performer.

Martin also proved himself to be a really outstanding singer, recording several contemporary songs. At some point, he became one of the most sought after and popular acts in Las Vegas. He became closely associated as friends with several other stars like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr, with whom they formed the Rat Pack.


From 1965, Dean Martin became the host of The Dean Martin Show, which was really about his comedic and singing prowess, and it also showcased his relaxed and easy-going character. Later on, from 1974 to 1984, he was the controversial but loved roastmaster on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, which featured the comedian roasting a host of celebrities, politicians, and fellow comedians.

Throughout the active years of Dean Martin’s career, he performed in nightclubs, concert stages, made hundreds of audio recordings and made appearances on 85 television and film productions. His most widely-acclaimed songs include Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?, Volare,  That’s Amore, Sway, Memories Are Made of This, You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You, and  Everybody Loves Somebody. 

Personal Life

Catherine Hawn’s personal life has always been away from the spotlight. There is only a little information available about the celebrity wife’s personal life except for the fact that she was Dean Martin’s third wife.


For a long time, the way Catherine Hawn met Dean Martin was unknown to many people. However, Ricci Martin, Dean’s eldest son, disclosed the information about how his father met his step-mother, Catherine, in the memoir titled That’s Amore: A Son Remembers Dean Martin.

According to Ricci’s account in the book, Frank Calcagnini, one of Dean’s family friends, was the one who connected Catherine and Martin. After they were set on a date, they were instantly attracted to each other. Frank is also known to have dated Martin’s former wife, Jeanne Biegger, after they split up.

Before tying the knot with Dean Martin, Catherine was in a previous relationship. It was from that relationship that she had a beautiful daughter, Sasha. After her divorce from her partner, she won custody of her daughter.


Her marriage to Dean Martin gave her not only a husband but also a father to her young daughter. The superstar with a loving side decided to adopt Sasha as his daughter. Martin is known for spoiling his kids with extravagant gestures and gifts.  He is thought to have spent approximately $25,000 each year on his children’s holiday gifts.

Unfortunately for Catherine’s family, her relationship with Dean Martin came to an end with a divorce in 1976. They were married for only three years. Although the reason for their divorce has not yet been disclosed, there are many suggestions that it was because Dean Martin still had some affection for his former wife, Jean Biegger. After Catherine finalized her divorce with Dean, he made amends with Jean, but they never remarried.

Catherine Hawn’s Net Worth

Catherine Hawn doesn’t have any records of earnings from any businesses, and there is also no exact amount of her net worth. However, Catherine is thought to have gotten a lot of spousal support and settlement money from her divorce from Dean Martin. Before his death, Dean Martin amassed a lot of fame and wealth from his career. He had an estimated fortune of $30 million.



After her public divorce from Dean Martin, Catherine Hawn seems to have reverted back to her life under the media’s radar. The last time she was spotted in public was probably during Dean Martin’s funeral in 1995.

While there is very little known, in the present and past, about Catherine Hawn, she must be living a happy and healthy life since there hasn’t been any news yet that regards her.

We will keep you updated as soon as new information about Catherine comes to light.