Randy Chrisley -Net Worth, Career And Personal Life

Randy Chrisley -Net Worth, Career And Personal Life

Real Name: Randy Chrisley
Birthday: N/A
Net Worth: $100.000
Height: 185 cm
Occupation: American Real Estate Businessman, Brother to Todd Chrisley

It is not always that family members’ fame extends to other relatives. In some cases, certain members of celebrities or famous families managed to live their lives under the radar. In the Chrisley family, this happened.


The name Chrisley has been made quite popular, thanks to the real estate tycoon and reality TV personality, Todd Chrisley. Todd’s fame has rubbed on many members of his household, but many of his large family members are still unknown to the public. One of these relatives is Randy Chrisley.

Randy Chrisley is a brother of Todd Chrisley. However, Todd’s fame has defeated him for years, and not too many people really know a lot about him. He first received public attention after he appeared in his brother’s TV series, Chrisley best known.

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Early Life & Education

Randy Chrisley was born in Westminster, South Carolina. His father was Gene Raymond Chrisley, a US Army veteran, and his mother was Faye Chrisley, Westminster High School graduate. The right date of Randy is unknown, and details about his childhood are opaque. However, he is a younger brother for Todd Chrisley. They grew up in Georgia. The couple also has another brother, Derrick Chrisley, who sadly died after only four months in 1971.

Randy Chrisley attended West Oak High School in 1984. After high school, there was no information that showed whether Randy advanced his education or not.


Like his brother Todd, Randy Chrisley began working in the real estate industry at a very young age. While his brother found success in his career, Randy’s career didn’t seem to get traction. Over the years, the success of Todd Chrisley took him to fame, while Randy’s career saw him fading behind the scenes.


Randy began working as an agent at RS service in August 2001 and has been part of it since then. Randy may have other business transactions, but there is no information that provides such an indication. Meanwhile, Todd Chrisley has a real estate management company, Chrisley assets, and TV series, Chrisley best knows. However, the court shows that the Todd plantation management company has been in a bad condition for several years now.

Chrisley knows the best

Chrisley knows the best is a reality TV series that follows the life of Giant Real Estate Todd Chrisley and his family. It started airing on March 11, 2014 on the USA network. So far, this series has more than seven seasons. Apart from Todd, another recurring actor member, including his wife Julie, and his children Lindsie, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson. Even though Randy appeared on the show, he was not registered as a member of the cast. Many say that regardless of the show’s name, this focuses more on the family directly Todd Chrisley, rather than the entire Chrisley clan.

Personal life

Randy dated his wife who is now estranged from Pamela for a short time before the couple got married in August 2012. In 2014, Randy received a pathetic diagnosis of phase four cancer, and he was hospitalized. Given the seriousness of his health problems, many think that Randy Chrisley will not survive. However, thanks to the support of family members such as his brother Todd, and extensive chemotherapy, Randy immediately recovered quickly and now lived a healthy life.


In 2016, Randy’s marriage faced several challenges after his wife raised allegations of infidelity. His brother Todd Chrisley quickly defended him, claiming that Pamela was, in fact, gold digging squeezed the Chrisley family. After the divorce was finished, Pamela was arrested on charges of trying to squeeze Randy. The authorities disclosed to ET that he was arrested on March 4, and was charged with levels of level 2. Pamela was then released on the same day on $ 1,000 bonds. According to an incident report obtained by Fox Carolina, Pamela threatened to “sell stories to the National Enquirer which will hurt Chrisley’s name unless Hush’s money is saved to his bank account.”

Todd Chrisley made his arrest known to the public after he shared Pamela’s Mugshot on his Instagram page on March 5, 2016, with his statement;

“Pamela has been involved in a scheme with other individuals in GA and SC to squeeze hundreds of thousands of dollars from our family because my brother filed for divorce from him. Our family has experienced this harassment for months and must remain silent to let law enforcement from two countries do their work. “


Randy and Pamela have no children together. However, Randy has a son from a previous relationship. Details about his son, and his mother’s identity had been detained for years.

Then in 2016, Randy pulled several bad presses after being arrested for leaving in South Carolina. According to the report, Randy Chrisley St

Net worth

Randy Chrisley is known as an entrepreneur. He must have earned money through his business career for years. Although there is no specific information about its income, Randy Chrisley’s cash flow is estimated at more than $ 1 million. Meanwhile, his brother Todd Chrisley was said to have a wealth of the negative of $ 5 million since he faced bankruptcy.

Todd Chrisley has had a financial challenge for several years. Even though this, real estate icons and Fashion icons follow their luxury lifestyle. He still has a 30,000 square foot house and allegedly spent more than $ 300,000 on his clothes. He was involved in the case of $ 45 million, including the land domain that was unsuccessful. Todd proposed bankruptcy in 2012 and claimed to have assets worth $ 4.2 million and around $ 50 million in debt.


Randy Chrisley is not the most popular Chrisley family member. Unlike his brother Todd Chrisley, Randy led a very personal life. At present he is busy taking care of his health and business from public attention.