John Nesta Marley – Net Worth And Personal Life

John Nesta Marley – Net Worth And Personal Life

Real Name: John Nesta Marley
Birthday: 2003
Net Worth: N/A
Height: N/A
Occupation: Son of Lauryn Hill And Rohan Marley

Worldwide, almost everyone gets used to Marley’s name. Some individuals bear the iconic family name. Some of them have become celebrities in their own right, while others are only famous because they take their names. Marley’s name became strongly related to reggae music, thanks to the legendary Bob Marley, who was often regarded as a music genre.

John Nesta Marley was born into the family and became famous from birth. He is the son of the celebrity Rohan Marley and Lauryn Hill. Even though he comes from a very popular family, there is little information available about John Nesta Marley. Details about various aspects of life such as early life, education, and short career.

Apart from a little information available about Marley’s family members, we have been able to collect all that you need to know about him. So read to learn more about John Nesta Marley.

Table of Contents

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  • Career
  • John Nesta’s Personal Life
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Early Life & Education

John Nesta Marley was born around 2003 in Kingston, Jamaica. The date of birth is definitely unknown. His father was Rohan Marley, an entrepreneur, and a former American soccer player. His mother is Lauryn Hill, a popular singer, songwriter, rapper, and recording producer. Because his parents, John Nesta have double citizenship (Jamaican & American). John Nesta Marley is also the grandson of The Reggae Legend Bob Marley and Janet Hunt. Interestingly, the middle name Bob Marley is also Nesta.

There is no information about John Nesta’s life and education today. However, John must have a very interesting childhood, born into a celebrity family, and surrounded by family members. He also had to get some level of education.


At that time, this article was written, John Nesta Marley is not known to have a professional career or business involvement. He was young, so he finally had a career path specified in the future. Surrounded by fame and many relatives who have traveled into music, John Nesta hasn’t shown interest in music.

Speaking of music, his grandfather is an iconic Bob Marley, one of the reggae trailblazers. His music career attracted global attention, and he set a bar for future artists with a combination of his spiritual beliefs with his music, typical vocals, and unique rhythms. He is often recognized as a global symbol of reggae music, identity, and culture. He often triggered controversy when he spoke in support of the legalization of marijuana, and he also supported Pan-African strongmen. Some of the songs include no woman Without crying, Iron Lion Zion, easy cross, one love, and natural mystics.

In addition, John Nesta’s father Marley, Rohan Marley, is a former American soccer player and entrepreneur. At the beginning of his football career, Rohan was a linebacker for the University of Miami. He played together with people like Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, and Dwayne Johnson. In 1993, Rohan had a large term leading a storm with 95 tackles. Then in his career, Rohan was signed to play with Ottawa Rough Riders in the Canadian football league.

Mrs. John Nesta, Lauryn Hill, also made a name for himself through her career. He was recognized as one of the biggest rappers of all time and also as a trendsetter of the neo-soul music genre. Throughout his career, he has violated various forms of obstacles that opposed women’s rappers, promoting the unique style of rap melodies and also changing the way fans receive hip hop music.

Lauryn Hill is a member of Fugees and also has a very successful solo career. His solo album was wrong under Lauryn Hill’s supervision, won several awards and awards, and was finally recognized as one of the best-selling albums of all time. The musical style has affected many other artists from different genres.

Other popular relatives from John Nesta Marley include Damian Marley, passed Marley, and Ziggy Marley.

John Nesta’s personal life

It is difficult to say what happened in John Nesta’s personal life because his parents always distanced him from public attention, and he did not attract negative attention through controversy. John Nesta has four siblings; Two brothers (Zion David Marley and Joshua Omaru Marley) and two sisters (Slang Louise Marley and Sarah Marley).

John Nesta’s parents Marley, Rohan Marley and Lauryn Hill, began to see each other in 1996. The couple shared a house for more than 13 years without getting married. Even though the couple never tied the knot, Lauryn lovingly called Rohan her husband.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2009 based on mutual understanding, and they decided to keep their marriage problems from the media. After their relationship, Rohan immediately began to date another woman who was a model. According to Rohan, it’s not a mistake of his relationship with Lauryn, a

John Nesta Marley’s Net Worth

John Nesta Marley is not known to have a career or business transaction, so he doesn’t have his own assets. However, his parents had collected some wealth from their careers. His father, Rohan Marley, has an estimate of a wealth of $ 20 million obtained from his professional football and entrepreneurship career. Mrs. John Nesta, Lauryn Hill, has a unique career as a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. Thanks to his success, he has also gathered wealth for himself. The estimated wealth of Lauryn Hill is $ 9 million.

Seeing his parents as a rich person; John Nesta must have been surrounded by several levels of luxury. Maybe in the coming years, John Nesta will begin to make a living for himself and create his own wealth.


John Nesta Marley was born right into fame, but somehow, he had moved away from the attention of the media for most of his life. His parents were celebrities, Rohan Marley and Lauryn Hill, and his grandfather Bob Marley was a global icon.

John Nesta’s personal life only makes little information available for the public. However, rest assured that this is all there to know about him right now. We will keep you updated as soon as there is new information.