After E3 2021, future shows can be a ‘physical and digital mixture’e

After E3 2021, future shows can be a ‘physical and digital mixture’e

This year, E3 will be all-digital for the first time but Esa said that while physical performances will return in the future, they can embrace more digital elements.

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry.Biz, Esa President Stanley Pierre-Louis said that this year’s show was entirely online, it would provide an organization the opportunity to learn what was successful and potentially brought to future events.

“This will give us the opportunity to be present to industrial, media and fans of the opportunity to participate fully,” said Pierre-Louis, “and I think it provides a real unique opportunity to learn this year what we can apply. For future events. which might be a physical and digital mixture. “

Of course, no one arranged in a rock and Pierre-Louis cannot provide strong details about how ESA can try to balance physical and digital elements, by saying that the exact form of the future E3 is “not yet determined.” He added, “We hope to learn from this year’s event what the transfer is good. I can’t talk to the future E3 because we really want to focus on E3 2021 and ensure this is a great experience for exhibitors, media, and fans Of course. “

This might not be surprising, considering last year’s uncertainty, that ESA is considering making digital aspects of more permanent parts of E3 in the future. Recently Blizzard Entertainment, for example, announced BlizzCon 2021 will not advance in the usual form and it instead the other BlizzcOnline style event will be held at the beginning of 2022, with “smaller collection of people” is expected to be part of. that.

Busy summer.

We are now preparing to start E3 2021, which will be run from June 12 to June 15. On all four-day broadcasts, game fans will be able to watch a mixture of press conferences, panels and interviews. ESA has also created an online application and portal, with elements designed to encourage viewers to interact with outside performances just watching Livestreams.

The full schedule for E3 2021 is now released and we have presentations and announcements from various publishers to stay tuned, from Ubisoft and Nintendo to Square Enix and Microsoft. Important absence this year is Sony, who has confirmed it does not plan to attend the event.

E3 is not the only online game event that lasts for several weeks and the next month. Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest began on June 10 with Steam Next Fest Hot on his heels this month. EA has confirmed it will hold an EA Play traditional event, this year on the date a little later July 22 and, shortly after, the 2021 all-digital game will take place in August.