How Apple’s new focus feature works in Monterey MacOS

How Apple’s new focus feature works in Monterey MacOS

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company introduces new device features, ‘focus’. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, this tool allows you to adjust notifications based on what you did at that time. This feature arrived at iOS 15, iPados 15, and MacOS 12 Monterey this fall. This is a short view of ‘focus’ because it is related to MacOS.

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Say hello to focus

The ‘focus’ is the extension of the ‘Don’t Disturbs’ feature Apple added on various devices a few years ago. That feature allows you to limit messages, calls, and warnings that you will receive during sleep. With focus, you can now adjust this type of settings for other hours that day.

To set the ‘focus’ on Mac, click the Apple icon on the top left of your screen, then select the ‘System Preferences’. Select ‘Notification’> ‘Focus’. The ‘Don’t Disturbation’ setting your original is located here, and where you add more points in time.

For example, you might want a different notification settings when you are working, home, or gym. To start, click on ‘+’ on the left side of the screen. You can add names, colors, and icons for your new settings. Click ‘Add’.

You can specify the contacts and applications that you want to receive notifications from during this event in the next screen. Click the ‘+’ button below the ‘allowed notification from’. Under ‘automation’, you can add start time and end for your event. Assigning the ideal time for events such as work, but not too much for a trip to the gym. For something like this, you can activate the ‘Focus’ event manually.

For ‘Focus’ events, you can provide a time-sensitive notice and the ability to tell others about your current status. Apple offers fire for these two settings. API ‘Sensitive time’ allows the application to provide time-sensitive notification – Assuming you have this setting turned on. API ‘status’ allows third parties (and original applications such as messages) to find out if you are in a focus or not. Again, you can control this setting.

More about Automation.

Time-based settings are not the only choice under ‘Automation’. You can also add an option that will turn on / off any event based on your location. For example, you can have a ‘focus’ event called ‘fitness’ automatically lights up every time you get to the gym. There are also application-based settings under ‘Automation’. However, its use is not clear in MacOS Monterey Beta, however.

Like ‘screen time’, you can synchronize the ‘focus’ event on all your Apple devices or keep them limited to every device. That is your choice.

Final focus.

Warning received during focus events is available to be seen from ‘notification centers’ anytime, meaning they can still be accessed anytime. However, genius is you cannot see it as a banner or lock screen, allowing you to focus on the tasks.

Early days

‘Focus’, like other Monterey MacOS, is currently being tested beta. During this process, this tool tends to accept tweaks that can change the way it works. Finished products will not be fully known until released to the public this fall. Until then, we will supervise the development.