Xbox Series X: What can we expect from the Microsoft First Party Studio on E3 2021?

Xbox Series X: What can we expect from the Microsoft First Party Studio on E3 2021?

After six months sold, Microsoft Xbox Series X can be seen as a giant sleeping today. We haven’t seen what really capable of Xbox which is truly capable, with the media to be the only exclusive correctly available for consoles that are not compatible with the Xbox One.

We also have not seen refunds about Microsoft Multi-Billion Dollar Spree, which have seen the First Party AMASS 23 company, including Bethesda Softworks. Fans will hope to see some new games faster than later, then, and E3 can function as a wake up call.

We knew that the Microsoft E3 2021 conference was set to the last 90 minutes, and this was the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to set an interesting road map of what would come for the owner of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

But what can we expect? Well, let’s go through each of Microsoft’s first party studios and make some realistic predictions.

343 Industry – Hello Infinite

Microsoft is likely to open its E3 presentation by looking closer at Halo Infinite. We must see how the game has evolved since his first gameplay revealed again in July 2020, and heard more details about the story of Halo Infinite. We also expect deep dives into new multiplayer mode games, with beta announcements that occur during the show or in the near future.

The Coalition – Gears 6, Gears Tactics 2

Don’t expect to see the announcement of the coalition at E3 this year. The studio revealed it would turn to Unreal Engine 5 for the next title, and that this would be a “big business”. We can safely present the next coalition title will echo 6, and we may be able to see teeth tactics 2 in the future, but we will be surprised if something is shown this year.

The game of coercion – new IP

The developer behind us happy some have entitled the next title will be “much better than the last game” it was made, especially now that it was part of the Xbox Game Studios. While we won’t rule out seeing the sequel we love a little, the new IP announcement might also be a possibility. But we believe the studio will not attend this year.

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