UENI website builder review

UENI website builder review

UENI offers website builder services that promise to “grow your small business”.

Plans start with a free option called ‘starter’ which includes up to 10 bookings and / or leads, up to 5 images in your gallery, and a maximum of $ 250 in sales, per month.

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Basic (not available if you pay monthly), including SSL certificates, 2 email addresses, some access to Premium website design services, unlimited reservations, and up to $ 500 in sales. You can also get VIP priority support. This imal is charged $ 129 every year.

Plus plan, give you orders, sales, and unlimited images. It comes with full access to the design of the Premium website, $ 10 in advertising expenses, and access to 1-on-1 calls with website experts and calls to help you grow your business. All for $ 39 per month or $ 349 per year.

Finally, we have a reputation ($ 499 per year or $ 59 per month) which opens all the other features, including reputation managers, and requesting review services.


Choosing the plan allows us directly to the creation process. You set the account and answer a series of questions so that UENI better understand your business. We found an error: even though we put our telephone number as coming from England, we were still forced to choose the US country as part of our address. Somehow, choose one randomly appear to let us enter the next series of questions.

Other limitations are when you are asked what you want to do with your site – you cannot choose ‘blog’ and ‘online sales’, or other options: You can only choose one, which feels very limiting.

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