The Pentagon clears two drones made by DJI for government use

The Pentagon clears two drones made by DJI for government use

There are worries about using hardware from China for several years. The concern of the Chinese government may have software installed to allow access to information stored in and transmitted by devices made in China produce several Chinese companies that are prohibited by government institutions. Restrictions on Chinese companies and using the hardware they made for government purposes began to subside under the Biden administration. A pair of drones built in China made by Da Jiang Innovations, better known as DJI, has been cleaned for use by the government by new reports published by the Pentagon.

Whereas the majority of reports are classified, what we know from a non-classified part is that two DJ drones built for the government are examined, and the report determines “no code or evil intentions”. The report determines the two drones “recommended for use by government entities and the power that works in US services.” The author’s author was the second warrant officer in the Omy Army Adam Plater Special Operation Order.

The purpose of this report is to analyze the changes made in the drone used by the interior department. The 500 drone fleet is based on 2020 after cybersecurity concerns are raised. The only exception to their foundation comes with several emergency use. The report came after several lawmakers in Washington raised fears that there might be data distribution from drones with the Chinese government.

DJI has maintained it does not share information with the Chinese government and that the company itself does not get data collected by drones. Booz Allen Hamilton published a report last summer which also did not find evidence of drones made by sharing companies or transferring data. Other Chinese companies have also been blocked from having access to government contracts in the US, including Huawei and ZTE. The Biden government is currently conducting a review of these companies, and favorable results can see it removed from the blocked list.

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