This new OLED TV design lets you watch TV on the ceiling

This new OLED TV design lets you watch TV on the ceiling

LG Display, OLED panel supplier to OLED TV maker, has launched the winner for the OLED screen design competition, showing off the potential of iterations in the future of the cinema home screen – and they are truly doozy.

OLEDS GO! The competition has been running with associations with UK DeZeen design magazines for the past few months, to help LG display find “fresh and innovative ideas that enhance the user experience” from the OLED screen.

Winning entries include Aled which can be paid back LG, in a form factor such as scroll thinner than that can be opened against the wall – without the need for a large mechanical base – and the tables are lifted above the headboard bed to let you watch TV and movies While settling to sleep at night.

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While the former design (‘scroll’) leans on the ability of flexible OLED panels and rolls – which is why it is used in cellphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold – the last (‘console’) risks claims for comfort, and shows the way out-of-the-design Boxes can rethink how we use and interact with technology.

The console might just replace our cellphone for the use of a late night screen, but the idea of ​​the screen increases on the bed so you can watch with horizontal comfort is really very interesting.

It echoed the transparent OLED TV prototype display on display at the end of 2020, which could lift out of the bed frame to allow the vision of the foot-bed – and talk to a relaxed film, one of our experienced writers when using their ceiling while using Their ceiling as a projector screen.

The press release for the announcement states that “the first place is given to ‘scroll,’ a completely new concept that utilizes the transparent transparent OLED screen to make an elegant and useful design. Take advantage of the OLED panel slender, the concept attaches to the wall smoothly while Supports a wide rack below its great appearance. “

We were told that “Five finalists were chosen between 220 entries from more than 50 countries based on how well they included unlimited possibilities of the OLED company display technology into their imaginative work.”

Other winners include a screen that can be rolled sideways (‘flag.r’) which allows you to physically control the aspect ratio of the screen, and screen-on-wheels (‘trolley’) which “can be moved and adjusted according to the height of the user wants”.

Wait, can I buy it?

None of these OLED TV designs are commercially available, but the LG display has hinted that this winner entry can be included in commercial advertising.

The press release states that “award-winning design will be considered for commercialization so market potential they have reviewed by lg talented engineers and designers behind new products and businesses.”

These designs can be closed before they go to your local retailer, then, or take a few good years to do it. But they talk to the potential of OLED beginners, as well as the LG display called “unprecedented scalability” – with premium TV technology that develops throughout the market in various new size factors at any time. TV OLED 48 inches, anyone?

LG Electronics TV maker brings Rollable OLED / 65RX to the market, after all, and even if it costs at £ 99,999 in England – and it is possible that $ 99,999 when it was launched in the US – it shows that producers take bets on and exciting technology. It’s just that, don’t expect the next generation OLED TV affordable when it first appears on the market.

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