The future of private flights can be copterpack

The future of private flights can be copterpack

We have seen people fly using jet packages for years, back to the 80s. The new type of private flying device has been shown in the video, and it is called Copterpack. This is a backpack worn by someone with a pair of closed rotors similar to the Quadcopter drone. Copterpack is the manufacture of Australian companies with the same name, and has released a video that shows the pilot flying using the system.

It is not clear whether a system like this can be commercially deserved in the future. The rotor is closed outside, but from above or below it, they are really open and spinning at high speed. Each type of accident can put the pilot arm directly inside the rotating bar. There is no complicated flight control; The rotor moves back to the central axle.

The movement allowed the pilot to control their path in the sky. The company said Copterpack had a self-level entopilotic feature. Light copterpack with construction from honeycomb carbon fiber. Carbon fibers are materials commonly used in aircraft, spacecraft, and motor sports for extreme and light strength.

Most of the technologies used in Copterpack are mysteries. The company does not offer real details on the system. It seems electricity, but it is one of the unknown factoids. The flying range per cost is another big mystery. This is also unclear whether this is a prototype system intended for display and airshow or if the company believes this device is feasible for private flights.

The system will seem to have some work that needs to be done to make it a decent system. It seems to just add the mesh above and under the rotor can walk far to make the system safer.