The DarwinPro GTR style body kit will change your McLaren 720 and you become Senna GTR

The DarwinPro GTR style body kit will change your McLaren 720 and you become Senna GTR

Without question, McLaren 720s is a symbol of the performance of the supercar and aerodynamic style, but the latter is subjective. But if (for some strange reason) you want the 720s you resemble hardcore Senna GTR McLaren, DarwinPro has a solution. And no, it doesn’t involve selling your 720s and pay more money for Senna GTR $ 1.7 million.

Darwinpro’s latest aftermarket body kit is for the 720s owner who wants to make their supercar stand out. More precisely, he has created a set of carbon fiber body kits to provide 720 vibrations such as Senna. This package includes a bespoke front bumper, a side skirt, and a new rear diffuser, all designed to resemble the facade ready to trace Senna GTR.

The DarwinPro style body kit SE2 GTR applies to all McLaren 720-AN 2017-2021 models and starting around $ 18,500. Note; The price quoted only for stock items. DarwinPro will send the final price email to the customer before confirming the available shipping option.

Yes, DarwinPro’s body kit is not cheap, but it doesn’t matter for rich customers who travel around the city in McLaren 720. And if you really want to pay attention, the package does not include the giant Senna GTR rear spoiler, which we believe is the biggest rear spoiler installed into a road production car.

Fortunately, DarwinPro has been discussed. It also has a Senna GTR carbon fiber wing which starts from $ 6.875, while the same wing with side closes can be yours with an additional $ 9,375. Wings or without wings, Senna GTR Darwinpro conversion kit took it to the extreme. Of course, you don’t get Twin-Turbo-Turbo V8 814-Horspower Senna GTR, but the 720s will still be excited about being rushed from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds.

The best part? DarwinPro Body Kit carries a limited warranty and a 30-day refund policy. We have seen previous 720s hardcore rends (such as the Slee 720s and 720s GT3x), but we found the GTR DarwinPro, Well body kit, strangely desired.

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