iPad with the OLED screen is rumored to be coming next year

iPad with the OLED screen is rumored to be coming next year

In April, Apple finally proved the true rumors about the latest generation iPad Pro. Finally turned to Mini LED technology to improve the quality of display on his professional tablet. Some apparently not sure of an upgrade but the company might not stop there. Rumors are now claiming that Apple will also divert the non-pro iPad from the OLED LCD screen and the transition will occur as early as 2022.

Over the years, Apple has maintained the entire iPad fleet on the LCD screen even as an iPhone and Apple Watches using OLED. Now now finally removing plain LCDs (Mini LEDs still use LCD), people might wonder why it doesn’t just keep using OLED only or mini LEDs only for all iPads. The reason may be technical and economical.

OLED is at some point Darling display technology because of how it offers better and deeper contrast. Unfortunately, it is also more susceptible to burn-ins and Apple may not think wisely to use such a display on the iPad pro which might always show the same application or content for hours.

Mini LEDs, on the other hand, provide almost the same benefit as OLED but at a higher cost and lower production. This will make it less ideal for people like iPad iPad and iPad entry-level because of the price factor. This smaller and cheaper tablet will be fine with an OLED panel especially because its use is more irregular than the iPad Pro.

Etnews believes that Samsung and LG will supply OLED’s display for the iPad next year as they did for the OLED iPhone. This, in turn, can also cause a surge in small and medium OLED production that has seen a pause in recent years due to lack of interest in the device.