Clubhouse will soon be available for general public

Clubhouse will soon be available for general public

Some blessings by taking the form of unconventional audio-only communication, Clubhouse quickly became one of the hottest names on social media since last year. Given its popularity, it might surprise some people to find that social networks are still an exclusive club that requires other members to invite you first to enter. It seems slow to expand even outside iOS. Opening the door to Android users, it also seems to open the water gate and clubhouse is no longer an exclusive club starting this summer.

Clubhouse recently explained that the accidental slow expansion, even when faced with a new rival in the social networking room was only audio. It wants to focus on more important aspects of growing society and stabilize the first feature rather than traffic jams with server maintenance or imprint from dozens of upcoming reports. However, however, it has reached the point where it is ready to actually open the door for everyone.

In one of his tweets highlighted the recent city hall, Clubhouse revealed that he already had more than 2 million Android users. It was rather impressive considering that the Android app was only aired before in May and not even in parity features compared to iOS. It proves that there are many people just waiting for the clubhouse to arrive at their favorite cellular platform before jumping in.

More importantly, it also revealed his plans to make networks available to the general public this summer, consider everything going well. Until then, it will focus on tasks that will make the network feel more complete to prepare clubhouses because suddenly new users without invitation.

Of course, the public opening of Clubhouse comes on when Twitter and Facebook, among others, has improved their game in the same room. Twitter even began testing the ticket room as a monetization system for both creators and Twitter itself, something that was also launched by Clubhouse recently in a very minimal way.