Chromebook might soon be able to drain an Android application from a cellphone

Chromebook might soon be able to drain an Android application from a cellphone

Microsoft and Samsung benefit from a rather comfortable partnership integrating the Samsung and Windows 10pcs Android phones almost transparent. On Select Templates, you can even run Android applications on desktop computers and laptops as if they were Windows Native programs. It seems almost ironic that Android and Chrome OS do not possess that, considering themselves made by one and the same company. The exchange can soon and the Chrome OS Phone hub can indeed allow users to broadcast applications from their phone to their Chromebook.

In the second reflection, it might not be really surprising to understand the way the gap is wide between the Chrome Os and Android, despite the common parent. Google has always been a gigantic company where the left hand does not know what the right hand does. Of course, Google deletes the gap between its two platforms, but there is definitely a lot of work to do.

XDA has updated evidence of the latest version of Google’s reading service pointing to an even more intimate bridge. These evidence unfortunately were only text strings that spoke of the possibility of “broadcasting applications to your Chromebook”. Of course, it is not yet activated so that the site had no opportunity to test what would have looked like.

There is not much information about how Google will implement this feature. It would be necessary to work on technology based on WebRTC, which is mainly used for video discussions, to synchronize video and send data between devices in both directions. More importantly, however, this feature was dependent on Google Play services and can even be exclusive to pixel phones.

This closer bridge between the OS chrome and the Android has been waiting for a long time, taking into account how different Windows laptop providers have already implemented something similar for almost years now. It’s just yesterday, even that Google has announced the support of Chrome OS for the part near Android, which made pain to share things between ChromeBooks and Android devices.

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