The picture frame IKEA Symfonisk is a disguised Sonos Speaker

The picture frame IKEA Symfonisk is a disguised Sonos Speaker

Swedish furniture brand IKEA enjoys popularity and fame of minimalist design, DIY assembly, and, recently, integration with IOT technology. Unlike smart home product makers, IKEA combines features that are connected to the internet in a savory and sometimes strange way. The newest effort might sell IKEA Symfonisk image frames that are actually not a photo frame but more like art deco that happens to Sonos speakers that are not visible in the frame.

Sonos Art Deco branded IKEA first appeared last April in a new collaboration tempter between furniture makers and smart speaker manufacturers. This is not the first time both of them work together, of course, but this symfonisk photo frame can be the most strange. Then again, it also runs perfectly in line with IKEA’s encouragement to make technology blend with the rest of your furniture.

The product page, which is surprisingly has not been revealed at the time of this writing, does not have many visual ways, ironic for something that should be a artist frame. All visitors will be able to see are part of the frame and the surface in the middle. Judging with it, it doesn’t seem to be the actual photo frame where you can enter your own photos.

Symfonisk image frames, instead, really wi-fi speakers in a rather unusual form. With the name Sonos on it, there are some guarantees of sound quality and, more importantly, wireless connectivity with audio sources. It was not explicitly stated but the threshold said that Airplay 2 was supported.

For the price of $ 199.00, you might be able to choose Sonos speakers better or one with more features. Then again, they cannot disguise themselves as artwork and amaze your guests.

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