Can the new appearance Firefox store a web browser?

Can the new appearance Firefox store a web browser?

Firefox released version 89 recently with a new look called Proton. It brings major changes to the user interface in color and appearance, provides a web browser to more modern nuances.

The web browser looks very similar today, with the tab above, the menu can be accessed to the right, and bookmark bar if you choose. However, Mozilla has been unique in this browser war, working on increasing its own gecko machines instead of moving to WebKit or Google Chromium variants, as Microsoft Edge has.

With a new look now on all platforms, we talk to Mozilla about new releases, and if it has certain expectations for WWDC next week.

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New look.

Using the new UI encouraged us to ask, why drive to redesign now?

“The end of 2020, we have a vision of what we want Firefox. At present, we live in a confused time where people deal with very difficult challenges every day. It’s hard to solve problems that arise everywhere on the web,” a interpreter Talk Mozilla told us via email.

“We believe that the browser must be a piece of software that you can rely on to have your back, whether it’s privacy, performance or security, and it looks amazing and works smoothly with the web.”

While UI is clearly an increase in what happened before, it also encouraged the team to work by optimizing the overall browser.

“On June 1, our Firefox release has grounding design work, challenging engineering work and a very good end product,” they said. “With this release, we take a mission to save everyone’s time. In Firefox, it means making pages load faster, use less memory or just streamline the use of everyday browsers.

We believe we have fresh retrieval on the internet and the tools we use to use the web. “

On each project made, there is always a aspect that you are proud of, however small. Mozilla agreed.

“This team is the most proud of the free menu of chaos efficiently. We prioritize content based on what people say when they visit the menu,” we were told.

“We make labels less vague and more cohesive. Also, we delete some elements and refresh the icon to be easier for people to catch a glimpse where they want to go. We work to provide an inviting and high-quality experience so people feel calm, where Even they use Firefox – on a computer, telephone, or tablet. That means peeling and streamline addition and develop. “

 Accessibility in Proton

The new user interface must also meet their needs with accessibility requirements, so we ask whether the new proton appearance ensures to take into account this.

“For this release, we see the use of themes and dark colors and overall minimizing visual noise,” Mozilla explained. “This year, we will continue to work with the accessibility community to address their specific needs and include it into the upcoming release.”

It seems that the company has not been carried out in increasing the accessibility of Firefox and the overall proton.

However, one aspect of the user interface that has sticked out to many users is tab. They looked as if they were more suitable to touch the look, so we asked Mozilla whether this was intentional.

“For tabs, our main goal is to redesign this tab so they float neatly, and we add a visual indicator, like blocking the AutoPlay video until you are ready to visit the tab,” Mozilla said. “More than 50% of people have four tabs or more open. We release tabs from the browser to make it more inviting for people to move, reset and draw tabs to the new window to fit your stream, and set it so that they are easier to find.”