BYJU recognizes with Google for online learning platforms for schools in India

BYJU recognizes with Google for online learning platforms for schools in India

Edutech Player Top India BYJU’s partnered with Google to help schools in India in online learning. Tasi-up basically will make Google Workspace for education available on the Vidyartha BYJU platform.

Schools that register for this program will be provided, free, collaborative digital platform and personalization. The press statement from Byju’s said “This partnership will provide direct access to spacious and extensive mathematics and science pedagogy and visually rich learning solutions, including chapter-wise slides, Readymade assignments, data banks, summaries, handouts, tests, and others. “

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Access to Google and Google Meet classrooms

Schools can register for programs on the Vidyartha platform, and will get an official email ID for all faculty staff, students and admin, powered by Google Workspace for education. This learning solution will also facilitate end-class management to the end, through Google’s classrooms, and will help regulate, access, and track class learning.

In addition to Google Workspace for educational features that include documents, sheets, slides and forms, the teacher will get access to Google Meet – Google Premium Conference Solutions – where up to 100 people can participate using Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals, for free.

BYJU took over the vidyartha platform in 2017, and it is a full assessment platform and assessing interests, personality traits, talents and student skills to form personalized learning plans (PLP) for them.

Mohit Mohit, Chief Operating Officer, BYJU’s said, “Through our partnership with Google, we aim to help digital revolution and complement our educators with technology assets and learning needed to ensure the continuity of education.”

Bani Dhawan, Head of Education – South Asia, Google said, the partnership with BYJU will help reach schools throughout the country and bring rich and interactive English-based learning solutions to complement the school curriculum. He added that Google would make this offer available in Indian.