Asus Rog Strix G15, G17 Advantage Edition Flaunt AMD Radeon RX 6800M GPU

Asus Rog Strix G15, G17 Advantage Edition Flaunt AMD Radeon RX 6800M GPU

AMD recently announced the latest generation of Radeon Mobile Graphics which aims at gamers. The Radeon RX 6000M series has not only improved power performance and efficiency, he also has several tricks on his sleeve when paired with the latest AMD Ryzen CPU. According to AMD, the team-up can be experienced by the design framework of new advantages and the Asus gamer Republic is the first to jump on the program with the new G17 Rog Strix G15 and G17 Advantage Edition laptop.

The AMD Advantage Design framework rather reflects the Evo Intel program because it has a list of requirements that the OEM needs to meet the requirements to use the branding of “Advantages”. It seems more gaming oriented, and has very steep requirements for AMD hardware and laptop features need to support to qualify. At its peak, OEM needs to pair the Ryzen 5000 AMD series CPU with the latest Radeon RX 6000M series that has just been announced.

That is what Laptop Rog Strix G15 and G17 Advantage Edition, put AMD Ryzen 5900HX CPU and Graphics Top-Tier Radeon RX 6800M under one roof. This combination is important because it allows the use of AMD SmartShift and SMART ACCESS Technologies Memory which allows AMD CPU and GPU to share power or even high-speed GDDR6 memory to encourage further performance. Of course, laptops also need to support AMD freesync for tear free chart.

ROG also gave the Talenta Strix G15 and G17 itself, especially to keep the CPU and GPU Combo run the best. Beyond just keeping cool things, the Smart Rog cooling system also pushes dust and other particles from the chassis to prevent them from accumulating in heatsinks and fans. Laptop Strix also supports charging via USB-C, especially from several power banks, so the lack of power outlets will not be an obstacle to playing games.

The 15-inch STRIX G15 edition and 17-inch Strix G17 Advantage gives a gamer option between low resolution screens with support for fast 300Hz refresh speed or WQHD screen which rises up to 165Hz but offers a 3ms response rate. Availability of details for certified laptops Design The first advantage of the market is still slim but Asus said that the edition of the STRIX G15 Advantage will soon be about the shelf immediately while the Strix G17 Advantage Edition will not come until around Q3.

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