LG paid off this year because of the cellular business ended

LG paid off this year because of the cellular business ended

As one of the eternal Samsung rivals, it was not really a surprise that LG will also launch its own cellular payment system with almost the same ability with Samsung Pay. Of course, LG wants to pay to be able to do more but the beginning of a rather problematic system seems to make prefigure on its infinite death. Although less than four years in the US, the company announced that it would turn off LG payments gradually, which was not too surprising because it also turned off its cellular business.

The vision for Pay LG is recognized and overtaking Apple launched an apple card. Back When Samsung only focuses on NFC and MST technology for Samsung Pay, LG is reported to work on physical “white cards” for cash payment systems. However, in the end, LG pays adopting MST too but never really took off even in major markets such as South Korea and the US.

Now LG notifies his customers in the US making a painful decision to remove Pay LG, A.K.A. LG Pay Wallet. This might happen as a disappointment for LG followers who might hope to hold on to the last slices of LG cellular business for a while. The good news is, with their own risk, they can stretch it until November this year.

LG Pay will not be turned off immediately but its features will die little by little. Starting June 1, users will not be able to buy or add another gift card while August 1, 2021, marks the end to receive new users. On November 1, 2021, LG pays in the US will turn it off completely and will no longer be used.

LG said that users will still be able to make payments until that date but also advise them to start preparing them by using all their facility card balances. Users also have to back up other gift cards that they might have stored in LG payments. And those who are really frustrated by all this can also release the beginning than waiting for the dark day.

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