ARESE ARESE RH95 SuperleGgera tour is a Tributo Coachbuilt Ferrari F8 with a scissors door

ARESE ARESE RH95 SuperleGgera tour is a Tributo Coachbuilt Ferrari F8 with a scissors door

Carrozerria Touring Superleggera recently launched its newest creation called RH95 ARESE. Built to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the tour, the ARESE RH95 pulled its name from HQ Touring on Via per Arese in Milan, Italy, and Project initials ARESE ‘Word Founder’.

“ARESE RH95 reflects the style features of the entire Aero line in many unique elements and cinematic opening,” said Louis de Fabribeckers, director of the tour design, referring to the magnificent door of RH95 Arese scissors. We all have seen various Ferrari F8 rends, such as the Mansory F8xx and Novitec F8 Tributo. However, no one came with a scissor door and coachbuilt body.

It also happened the ARESE RH95 was the first creation of the first tour engine, so it was better to be special. Drawing Inspiration from Aero 3 and an unforgettable Alfa Romeo Disco Volante, ARESE RH95 has a body of most carbon fibers with complicated detail. It has an aluminum side slash running along the waist of the car, a nod to the incredible disco volante.

And if you haven’t realized it, the rear hip is exciting, the rear clamshell, and a full-functional dorsal spoon for RH95 ARES. Inside, the cabin Kocon driver and passenger with premium material and a set of seats bespoke with hand-sewn details.

The car on this page is an ARESE RH95 car that is finished in the Verde Pino paint with a silver accent and tri-color skin interior. Meanwhile, two cars will be red and white, while the three cars will arrive with the livery inspired Gulf. If you want it, you can specify your ARESE RH95 in any color and trim that can be imagined.

Under the curved back end is located a 3.9-liter v8 motor with 32 valves, aluminum blocks and heads, and direct fuel injection, pumping 710 horsepower and 567 pound of torque. Power goes to the rear wheel through a seven-speed double-speed clutch transmission. With that much power, ARESE RH95 can run to 60 mph in three seconds flat. Touring claims the highest speed of 211 mph.

Touring only makes 18 examples of ARESA RH95. Coachbuilder claims it takes six months to complete one unit, and each vehicle will undergo strict testing to ensure the level of performance of Ferrari and build quality. The tour has also changed the Aero Active vehicle system to deal with a beautiful new body.

How many? Good question. Given the new Ferrari F8 tributo starts around $ 280,000, we think the ARESE RH95 might be said to be doubled after everything is said and done. And if you don’t have a Ferrari F8 tributo donor car, don’t worry: the superleggera tour will order a vehicle for you.