2022 Jaguar F-Type Debut Surprise Great Supercharger

2022 Jaguar F-Type Debut Surprise Great Supercharger

Jaguar has revealed type-2022, and it is a sudden change in a strategy for a beautiful sports car with a car maker that switches to the V8 line-up which is only supercharged. Lost is the type F four old cylinder, and in its place is 2022 F-type P450 new and unexpected affordable next to the most powerful F-type R.

Jaguar has kept almost the same what was successful from the design of the design of 2021. The headlamp led lights were led, with a double daytime j-blade running lamp. The suitable rear light cluster helps emphasize type-f. This is not a new design at the moment, but it cannot be denied that Jaguar cars have been very graceful.

The new point enters into enjoying it will be the type-F P450. It has a new supercharged V8 engine that is new and unique for 444 horsepower, while the peak torque of 428 lb-ft arrives from 2,500 rpm. There will be a rear wheel drive and the all-wheel drive configuration available, both with automatic transmission and electronic active differential, and both do 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and to the highest speed of 177 mph.

Outside, the P450 version gets a special badging, a black gloss splitter with side frames, mosquito nets, and venturi, and a sparkling 20-inch gloss gray wheel with a reverse diamond layer. Special switchable switchable exhaust will be able to switch between quiet fashion friendly neighbors and more bark when you push hard; Quiet initial features allow you to make sure it is tamed at the startup machine for a smooth holiday in the morning.

11 exterior colors will be offered as standard, along with a special range of SVO. There is also a heated and heated door mirror, while in it there is expected skin and chrome satin-finish.

Jaguar has added a monogram stitching pattern in the chair and trim door, along with the logo in the headrests. The F-Type P450 RWD gets a six-way electric electric chair, while the F-type P450 R-Dynamic AWD gets a 12-direction electric chair with memory, the power steering column with memory, Central Aluminum Delta console, and R-dynamic metal plate.

On the side of the technology, the appearance of a 12.3-inch full digital driver is now standard throughout the board. It has a different layout depending on the settings and drive mode, including the full map layout.

Along with the new P450 it will be 2022 F-Type R, the most powerful model of Jaguar. It stores 575 horsepower V8 with 516 LB-FT torque, standard all-wheel drive – with a double-wishbone aluminum front and rear suspension system and automatic transmission – and time 0-60 mph 3.5 seconds. The highest speed is 186 mph limited electronically.

It’s an interesting time for Jaguar. The car maker has been busy updating its lines, with F-Pace sports supans and XF Sports which are changed, both of which get significantly improved interiors. Even so, there is a round of its line-up too, dropping several machines, configurations, and trim to reduce complexity and open the way for greater changes to come.

From 2025, of course, Jaguar has committed to being electrical, and every new launch of a new car will be EV. Where exactly will make type-f uncertain and interesting: the idea of ​​all-electric version of the car is of course interesting, and there is no doubt that EV can be fast and useful from the back of the wheel. However, the development of such cars is undoubtedly expensive, and strives to balance factors such as performance and reach that can be used – without a high price label at the end of everything – will be a significant challenge.