Victoria Granucci Net worth 2020 – Former model, actress, and singer

Victoria Granucci Net worth 2020 – Former model, actress, and singer

Victoria Granucci is a former model, actress, and singer, among many other things. He rose to stand out in the 80s, working in the entertainment industry, but today he maintains his own life. While he did make a name for himself in the same sector mentioned above, he is more famous for anything else. Victoria is a former wife of singer, songwriter, painter, actor, and film director John Mellencamp, also known as Johnny Cougar.

Victoria was born on November 26, 1958, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The zodiac is Scorpio. What we know about education is that he attended high school, while we did not find information about college education. Not much is known about his initial life, but when he entered his twenties, he began working as a model and an actress. Older readers may remember it for their role on TV shows like Fantasy Island, Happy Days, and Chips. Right now he lives a remote life, away from the spotlight.

Granucci’s personal life

Even though it was heard of Italy, Victoria was born and raised in America. He is proud to be an American, and this has never been a problem for him. He is 61 years old; 5 inches, 7 feet high; And weighs 143 pounds.

As we said, not much is known about Victoria before his marriage with John Mellencamp. He married the singer back in 1981. The couple lived happily for several years. Products from their love in the 80s are two children, both daughters. They named it Teddi Jo and justice. After nine years of marriage, Granukci and MellenCamp divorced in 1989.

Despite the fact that their love story lasts less than a decade, it is indeed a story for age. It seems that John fell in love with Victoria even before meeting him. This happened when he found his picture, and after watching it for hours, he fell in love with the picture and then asked a friend to arrange a meeting. This event occurred in the coming weeks, and the pair met for the first time in their friend’s house.

What follows is a short and, of course, a marriage that makes fruits in their daughter’s form. Their first daughter was born on July 1, 1981, while the second came in 1985. Only a few years later, the couple separated and filed a divorce. Although the reason is not confirmed publicly, it is suspected that John cheated on the tour. Another source claimed that it was the fact that their marriage was running the way and that they decided to call it quits together.

Today, Victoria Granucci lives with her daughter and her grandson. If you look at the Facebook page, you can see that he enjoys his role as grandmother and with his family. According to people close to the family, MellenCamp often visits and spends time with Victoria and their grandchildren. The same source, Facebook, told us that in 2018, Granucci worked in the North End Reiley pub, but we were not sure of what capacity.

Unlike her ex-husband, Granucci did not enter into other relationships after their split. There is at least nothing we know. There is no public record of his remarrial, and if he does it, he does it with the best privacy. There is even no evidence of romantic relationships that are not even serious. It seems that the days of public exposure ended with his marriage to Mellencamp. It is a pleasant fact that he appeared in his music video for a song called Jack & Diane.

Victoria granucci net worth

While we are working on this article, a lot of interesting information about former Granucci models and actresses is revealed, but much is hidden. John MelliCamp’s ex-wife kept many things on himself, which was no different from his income.

Most of the acting and modeling were carried out in the 80s and closely connected with her husband. While Mellen