Twitter gave, appoint a temporary complaint officer in India

Twitter gave, appoint a temporary complaint officer in India

Twitter, in a certain sense, maybe just boating. It’s impossible it will go by not in accordance with land law. But after being intransigent and bankruptcy within a few days, Twitter finally appointed complaint recovery officers as required by the new rules in India.

On the website, it is clear that the company has appointed Dharmendra Chatur as an interim complaint recovery officer. He reportedly appointed partners at the law firm representing Twitter in the Delhi High Court.

Last afternoon, Twitter also officially told the Delhi High Court that they had appointed a complaint recovery officer in accordance with the rule of 4 information technology (intermediary guidelines and digital ethical codes) on May 28.

Other social media intermediaries such as Google, Facebook and WhatsApp have also appointed a redressal officer complaint without much ADO.

The last night, the Delhi High Court issued a notification to Twitter because of alleged non-compliance with the new information technology rules. It was also clarified with Twitter that must comply with new information technology rules if they have not yet lived. The court also asked the government to submit the answer.

Twitter before searching for 3 months time to comply with new rules. It also tried to act funny by giving US offices as a recovery center. It does not need to need the government and activist, one of which really brings Twitter to court. And in this case the microblogging platform company must secretly announce that it has referred to the officer.

Twitter’s reluctance to put recovery officials, which will have a role to play only if there are complaints about controversial content, somewhat confusing.

And the strategy using run-in with Delhi police in a completely separate case in this problem is a half-smart strategy. It is estimated that taking a moral highlands. What is basically done is annoying snook to the law.