The Tesla model changed S and X will display RDNA 2 GPU, AMD confirms

The Tesla model changed S and X will display RDNA 2 GPU, AMD confirms

When Tesla announced a fresh model and model X in January, it was not ashamed to say that the new infotainment system would offer up to 10 deravlops of power. At that time, rumors speculated that AMD would provide a new graphics hardware Tesla. It makes sense, because RDNA 2 GPU companies are also behind the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Today during the Keynote Computex, the CEO of AMD Lisa Su confirmed the rumor while also noting that the new Teslas will feature AMD Apus (Ryzen chip with congenital Radeon graphics) in the infotainment system.

Su noted that RDNA 2 graphics will kick when you play something that demands a ton of power. It is similar to the way some laptops conjure into integrated and discrete graphics cards. It also makes sense for Teslas, because you don’t want to wear your battery life by keeping a high-powered GPU active all the time.

So why do you need a quality graph of console in your car? For one, you might want to cram a little play during lunch or extended charging session. A refreshing Testlash also displays two screens: a 17-inch screen in advance, and the smaller behind for passengers. So, even if the driver doesn’t get a lot of time to play, there is a probably the people in the back seat. (At the very least, this is a great way to keep children silent.)

To be honest, decent graphic strength seems like the car starts from $ 74,000.