Sony Airpeak S1 Dungut Drone To Take Alpha Camera to New Heights

Sony Airpeak S1 Dungut Drone To Take Alpha Camera to New Heights

Drones for pros and consumers are not new and no drones with cameras that include a variety of quality. However, most of these drones are equipped with their own cameras, and only a few let you use any professional camera you might have. That is what makes Sony’s First Foray into the world of interesting drone photography because it is designed to be used with a different camera, especially Sony that can be exchanged – Alpha lenses. In fact, the Sony Airpeak S1 drone does not come with a camera or even its own gimbal.

It was announced late last year and tempting on Virtual CES 2021 this year, airpeak S1 was marketed on professional photographers and cinematographers but did not really include an important part of the equation. While most drone makers will highlight that their new UAV aspects, Sony is sure to have a Pat’s camera section. What Sony bragged with the first pro drone, instead, his flying ability.

Not surprisingly, Sony spoke a lot about the motorbike and exclusive technology that allowed drones to fly stably at a maximum speed of 55mph (90 km / h). Although it may not have a camera to record video, it does have an imaging sensor facing all directions, including down, to look around and fly with reliably.

The Airpeak S1 drone is designed to target professionals and include features that allow its use. It includes double operating modes that allow one person to operate drones while others operate gimbals and cameras, both of them see the same video bait. It also has a “air base” web application that allows users to manage flight packages and flight logs in addition to airpeak flight applications for iOS and iPados.

Not surprisingly, Sony Airpeak S1 is also equipped with a professional price of $ 9,000. The price does not include even special dreadlocks needed to attach Sony Alpha Cameras, such as the A7S series, A7R, and FX3. It will be a separate purchase and not drone and dreadlocks have a special launch date first.

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