Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Net Worth 2020 – Life, Career, Income

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Net Worth 2020 – Life, Career, Income

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is a Pakistani musician, especially from Qawwali, reflecting music from Sufi Muslims. Besides Qawwali, he also gave another ghazal and light music. He may be famous for being a playback singer in the Bollywood and Pakistani film industry. He is also one of the richest singers born in Pakistan. Let’s learn more about life, career, and income.

early life

On December 9, 1974, in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan, Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan and his wife welcomed their son Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to this world. He was born in the punjabi family from Qawwals and classical singers. His grandfather was Fateh Ali Khan, and he was also the nephew of Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. When he was three years old, he began to sing with his father and uncle. At the age of seven, he was trained by his uncle to sing Qawwali.


At the age of nine years, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan experienced his first public show, which was at the commemoration of his grandfather’s death. His uncle made him join the famous Qawwali group at the age of fifteen, and in 1985, Khan was on a tour in England with a group. At a different concert, he used to do a solo song.

His playback singing playback began in 2003, in a PAAP film, with the song Mann Ki Lagan. In 2012, during his English tour, his appearance at the Wembley Arena and the Manchester Arena created a record of maximum ticket sales. Zaroori Tha’s song from the album returned 2 Love (2014), became the first real non-film video of Indian continental children to cross 100 million views after two years. Leo Twins from the popular Pakistani music television series NESCAFE Basement and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan gathered together.

In 1995, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan collaborated with the main vocalist of the rock band Pearl clock, Eddie Vedder, and they created the soundtrack of the Hollywood Dead Man film running. Khan also worked with the soundtrack of four feathers (2002) with American composers orchestra and film music, James Horner. In 2006 American Epic Adventure Apocypto, Vocal Khan was displayed.

Khan is one of the judges on the Realing Reality Show Junon. In 2014, he became the first Pakistan to appear at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, where he did Qawwali Tumhe Dilly, and Mast Qalandar, and the Aao Parhao.

Personal life


In 2001, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan married Nida Rahat. However, there was a claim that the singer married the Pakistani Falak model, after establishing a relationship for more than three years. The wedding ceremony is secret and simple, with only the nearest close relatives present.


Rahat Wealth Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is estimated to reach $ 1 million. Most of his income comes from his singing career. It is believed that the net worth will grow with the coming years.