Oneplus dimensity 1200 phones are reported in the prototype stage

Oneplus dimensity 1200 phones are reported in the prototype stage

OnePlus has tried to diversify his products recently and not only by launching new devices such as the first smartwatch. Last year, it also introduced a new Nord series that seems ready to flood the budget and medium smartphone market in the US and elsewhere. However, all, OnePlus has been solid into a Qualcomm smartphone home as far as the processor is used. It might plan to diversify that as well as leakage about the oneplus phone powered by dimensity mediatek, the 5G chipset continues to arrive.

Even though it didn’t really disappear from the market, MediaTek’s cellphone chip seemed to have taken a back seat during an aggressive 5G Qualcomm encouragement. MediaTek, however, pushed back hard with the Myriad dimensity 5G processor to the point that even overtaking Qualcomm as the largest mobile chip company in the world last year and earlier this year. Getting oneplus to use the chip is not exactly it will be fatal for Qualcomm but it must speak a lot in support of MediaTek.

First of all believe that the first MediaTek device oneplus will be the next Nord cellphone, considering it’s exactly the market where the chipmaker leads. However, Oneplus Nord CE, however, is now believed to be run on the Snapdragon 750g instead and Oneplus Nord N200 5G may also be too far below the price level for the ONEPLUS cellphone dimensity dimensity is drained.

According to Chinese digital Tipster chat stations in Weibo, the engineering prototype for Oneplus with the dimensity of 1200 “looks good”. This cellphone compared to Oneplus 9 Pro in terms of the design and 50MP SONY IMX766 was also reported. It also runs oxygeno which gives hope going to the international market.

The dimensity of 1200 is a flagship 5G chip mediatek and may be more suitable for OnePlus flagship phones. That said, Oneplus also promised the successor to Oneplus Nord N10 and it could still be a cellphone that will bear the MediaTek chip.

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