MacOS Monterey on Intel MACS will not be able to use several features

Even though Apple will be happy to only sell Mac with its own chip, it hasn’t fully dropped the ball on Intel-based hardware, at least not immediately. The unavoidable future will eventually come but it’s likely it might be a slow trip. Both were surprising and not surprising at the same time that Apple got a rolling ball as early as MacOS Monterey later this year. It turns out that some great release features will only be available for M1 Mac.

Apple is likely to have obligations, both legal and moral, to keep supporting existing products, such as Intel Mac which is currently mostly available computers of the company. However, no one forced him to make new features available for longer hardware, especially if older Macs did not have the ability to support those features. That might be the reason and the reason behind the Apple’s decision to make some new features of the exclusive Monterey MacOS for M1 Mac.

MacOS Monterey Preview company includes all the upcoming Juicy features by means of MacOS users, most of which companies have announced on Keynote WWDC 2021. Footnotes for those features, however, revealed that some of them need M1 MAC more than just a model of the year certain or memory configuration. In particular, features such as direct text in photos, portrait mode in FaceTime, and features related to sayings will not be available at Intel Mac.

Given the feature of what was detained from this computer, Ars Technica theorized that the learning machine must be blamed for this restriction. Apple has been very proud of the 16-core M1 Silicon nerve processing unit and although Intel itself boasts AI and ML capabilities from the chip, the latter may not be enough for Apple requirements.

Apple naturally in its right to introduce features that require stronger hardware. Incidentally that the hardware itself and left the majority of Mac owners in the cold. It would be surprising if Apple will be accused of being a planned manner but has gone through the dance before many times.