Huawei watched 3 with the harmony in the wild

Huawei watched 3 with the harmony in the wild

Huawei’s big event in just one or two days, depending on the side of the world where you are, and many will be curious about the harmony that really brings to the table. Huawei will most likely have a hard focus on how the Homegrown OS will work on a smartphone in response to his inability to get Google Play Apps and services on the device. However, some of the promises of Harmonyos are their ability to run many smart devices, just like Android, including Smartwatches like this suspected Huawei Watch 3 that some netizens take photos.

Huawei has used “Liteos” in particular itself on his smart watch so it might not be much difference in what Huawei has done. Placing the harmony on the next smartwatch, however, opening the door to more applications, considering there is enough important application to be worth a temporary user. Based on these leaked photos, there are at least one, or at least the notification.

The house got several photos of what Huawei Watch said 3. In terms of design, the smartwatch maintains its predecessor’s circular body but mixes everything a little when it comes to the button. There is a crown call on the upper right side, as described by the Huawei teaser, and the flat button below it.

Greater changes will, of course, become software but may not look so different from Liteo Huwaei at first glance. Watch face with application shortcuts there are still and drop-down notification panels. One of the notifications from WeChat, one of the most popular messaging services in China, but it is not clear whether it is only a notification or if there is a local application installed on SmartWatch.

Huawei will formally reveal the harmony, technically Harmonyos 2.0, on June 2nd and is expected to answer many of our questions about the nature of the platform. That said, the biggest question will still be not answered for several months, and that is whether the harmony will help the company reclaim the land missing in the smartphone market.