gaming is now a career of choice among indian youth

gaming is now a career of choice among indian youth

Game views, especially PCs and game consoles in India have changed over the past few years. The main credit for this can be given to the availability of high-speed internet connectivity nationally. This not only contributes to the increasing number of gamers online but playing games is now considered a decent career choice in this country.

A study called HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021, studied the e-gaming trend in this country. It talks about the impact of the game in people including – women, students, millennials and z genes from all over India and stated that 89 percent of respondents felt that PC was still a better choice to play smartphones compared to smartphones.

This research was conducted with 1,500 respondents who completed a survey of 25 cities Metros, Tier-1 and Tier-2 throughout India between March and April 2021. These respondents, between 15 and 40 years, were the main men who contributed 72% temporarily A 28% break is a woman with a mixture of PCs and / or a healthy cellphone user, consisting of actions and adventure games on PCs and smartphones.

Although it cannot be denied the fact that many feedback can be inspired by the locking and limitation of induced pandemic. However, this is indeed a good sign for the Indian PC game community, regardless of all challenges, recently seen the launch of the first homegrown PC game – Raji. Here are some report findings –

PC is the first choice for playing games

In a price-aware market like India, many people prefer to use smartphones for various reasons such as costs and portability. However, this survey signaled a shift in the paradigm between young cellular gamers, especially when it comes to game playing experiences

According to the report, 37% of cellular games want to migrate to PC games for various reasons. They feel that the PC can offer them better processing power and will not have battery problems. While more than 9 of the 10 respondents felt that PCs offer a better playing experience overall compared to smartphones. This number further increased to 94% when we only saw respondents from the city level 2 with users from Tier 1 and Metros not far behind with 88% and 87%, respectively.

Impact on purchasing decisions

This study revealed that 33% of PC users felt that they would remember game preferences when making a purchasing decision with the majority of people who were looking for better graphics and better battery performance as the main metric. Impersif display and thermal innovation also find places among factors that can affect future purchasing decisions.

Gaming as a choice career

A whopping 90% of respondents see gaming as a decent career choice, signaling a massive change in mindset where people are open to alternating career choices and seeing beyond 9-5 blue collared jobs. This is one area where women go beyond men and the report states that 84% of female respondents see games as a potential career while 80% of men feel that it is a long-term career choice.