Galaxy books go with the Snapdragon processor finally announced

Galaxy books go with the Snapdragon processor finally announced

When Samsung revealed the “most powerful galaxy” last month, it is expected that unusual galaxies will also appear. Galaxy books go not strong as far as rumors are running so maybe it’s really suitable for the event. That said, it does have an attraction, or at least Samsung trying to make it sound interesting, with the focus on mobility and battery life. Of course, it is thanks to the Compute Snapdragon 7C and 8CX Qualcomm platform which basically means the Galaxy Book Go series is the latest addition to the Windows 10 group which is rather small on the ARM laptop.

The ARM platform naturally has a lot of attraction in the computing industry because of almost subordinate power efficiency which makes it ideal for smaller or cellular devices. Even though the arm-based laptop is incorrect, Apple M1 certainly makes them more interesting to show that even the mainstream media and more consumers have realized processors other than Intel, AMD, and even Qualcomm.

Of course, the Mac Apple M1 is also a challenge for Samsung, Qualcomm, and Windows which products are directly in Apple’s strongest computer crosshair. The arrival of the Galaxy Book Go series, then, it is almost an answer to M1 Mac, encouraging the theme of mobility and connectivity for productivity while traveling. Connectivity was sent via Snapdragon 7C Gen 2 for the Galaxy-Only Go book and a stronger Snapdragon 8CX gene for Galaxy Go 5G books.

In almost all other aspects, both of them are almost the same, either Sporting 14-inch 1920 × 1080 screen, 4GB or 8GB LPDDR4X RAM, and 64GB storage or 128GB Eufs. Because running Windows 10 on the arm, it also has access to the same link to Windows and your phone functionality that allows you to reflect Android applications in Windows. It also supports the use of the Galaxy Tab S7 as a second screen and can easily pair with the Galaxy bud for Bluetooth audio.

The Galaxy book goes with Snapdragon 7C Gen 2 launched on June 10 at a price starting at $ 349. The Galaxy Go 5G book that runs on the Snapdragon 8CX Gen 2 chip will come later this summer for the price label that is still not disclosed.

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