CANON Mirrorless EOS R3 Camera can come faster than expected

CANON Mirrorless EOS R3 Camera can come faster than expected

It was only a month back that Canon announced that the EOS R3 was in development and it looks like the camera could be launched immediately.

Camera retailers around the world have begun registering a full-frame mirrorless camera that will be coming to their website – including B & H photos on US cameras and Georges in Australia.

Although no one of them really mentioned prices on their site, Google search showed a $ 6,000 label listed below US retailer Adorama.

This placeholder list can show that the Canon EOS R3 can be launched immediately. We expect it to arrive in time for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo scheduled to begin on Friday, July 23 (as long as everything goes well on the front of the pandemic), but we might not need to wait until next month for the official launch announcement.

We already have a picture of a product leaking on Twitter thanks to the leaker of a productive nokishita camera and oft-reliability, as well as many whispers on the wind on how much cost.

Reports have suggested that Canon plan to weaken the competition and the price of the EOS R3 is lower than what the EOS 1-DX Mark III and the cost of Sony Alpha A1 now – when launched, rumors suggest the EOS R3 will bring a price label $ 5,999 (around £ 4,215 / au $ 7,725). This seems to be confirmed at a price of $ 6,000 shown in Google search results as seen in the screenshot above.

To put the price into the perspective, 1-D X Mark III has a launch price of $ 6.499 / £ 6.499 / au $ 9,999 in 2020, while Sony A1 arrived early at 2021 for $ 6.499 / au $ 10,499 body only.

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That, as canon described, will put the EOS R3 between Canon EOS R5 (price of $ 3.899 / £ 4,199 / au $ 6,899) and 1-D X Mark III – not ‘superior’ we should think.

Analysis: High-end specifications for better prices

Given what we already know about the specifications and features of the EOS R3, it must have formed a pro sports shooter. But if the EOS R3 will come cheaper than Sony A1, could it be lost on some of the features that Sony is proud of? It can come in the form of a lower sensor resolution, which will make sense if Canon prioritizes speed (rumored to be able to shoot 30fps bursts like A1).

View leaky images, especially one of the back control layouts, it seems that the R3 is identical to the 1-D X Mark III – including a new smart controller. It shows the camera designed to pros, and comes cheaper than 1-D X Mark III will enable beginner professionals to reach the Canon R system, especially now that there are some very good telephoto optics in RF Arsenal.

Unfortunately, which also shows that Canon is likely not to see making more pro DSLRs and expect 1-series users will switch to the mirrorless system.

Other factors that can help lower R3 canon prices are weather sealing. Although it will have several levels of weather sealing, the memory card slot does not have a rotating key available in DSLR 1-series. It also does not have a smaller LCD screen that shows shooting settings at 1-D X.

The closer view on the back of the R3 also shows that it comes with a completely articulating display, which has never been used in the DSLR version. It provides flexibility for various types of photographers, which means Canon not only targets news and sports photographers, but has the potential to make this type of camera more important.

All of this is still alleged. We still don’t know when Canon will officially launch the EOS R3 and what a final feature list. But a camera at competitive prices and comes with some high-end specifications clearly looks like a good tactic from Canon.