Bussin GT R Speerlegend is a modified Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster

Bussin GT R Speerlegend is a modified Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster

One of the coolest cars offered by Mercedes is Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster. This is a brother open to the coupe version of the car and it’s very interesting and fast out of the box. What’s interesting about Roadster is that it is a very limited edition car with only 750 units produced globally. A company called Bussink has taken the car and hacked the roof and most of the windshield to make something called Bussink GT R Speerlegend.

The car is equipped with something nicknamed “Speedbow” running from Kap to the back of the car, creating a kind of rollover protection that looks very interesting and reminds more than a little hello in the current F1 car. It reminds us of the hello protector in a racing car because that’s what inspires it. Builder said the car was intended to imitate Moss Stirling SLR without a roof.

The arc has all the lights and sensors inside that are eliminated when the top standard and windshield are deleted. The design requires all the top part of the conversion to be removed along with a-pillar. Window and windshield were shortened, and the operation removed 220 pounds and lowered the center of gravity of the car.

Builder also adds to the stylish grille along with carbon fiber painted in the body around the car. Bussin also changed the engine under the hood, increasing the output to 850 horsepower, a significant increase of 577 horsepower owned by a car from the factory. Machine modification is optional.

The car can also be chosen with the front end of AMG GT R. Each car is also equipped with a helmet that matches the paint color because no one wants to go around at high speed in a car that does not offer protection for the face. Some other interior modifications are available as options. Price is a mystery, but consider Roadster Stock starts around $ 190,000.