Atari VCS Console finally came to the retail store this month

Atari VCS Console finally came to the retail store this month

Crowdfund projects have come and go and many have been going on for years have never been delivered. Given these factors, it was almost surprising that the Hybrid Atari VCS PC console was even launched at all. But here we are, almost four years after it first debuted as Ataribox, Atari VCS was finally launched at the store. However, his commercial success, still hangs in balance and in their hands who can know what the device is actually done.

VC Atari was born from an era where every old console or arcade cabinet maker came out with the rise of their classic hardware, although in a smaller form. Atari, however, has a different vision for what will be the successor to Spiritual Atari 2600. Full size or maybe even a little bigger, VCS Atari is made into a home entertainment system and general purpose productivity.

It might look like a classic Atari console but VCS Atari is actually a PC in the heart. Run on the Ryzen AMD chip with 8GB RAM and 32GB EMMC storage, Atari VCS can even run Linux or Windows or even Steam OS. In fact, the custom OS used Atari even includes Google Chrome Web Browser.

Of course, the main goal of Atari VCS is to play games and it comes with support for all types of games. Every purchase is equipped with a copy of Vault Atari VCS which contains one hundred arcade games and Atari 2600 and the command of the Atari missile itself: Returned. There is also free access to Antstream Arcade, streaming game services dedicated to retro titles, and indie game libraries that include Dash Dash Boulder.

Atari clearly wants Atari VCS to be a game console, game development platform, entertainment system, and productivity machine in one but it still has to be seen if it will be about the only sign. Hybrid consoles go on sale on June 15 from Best Buy, Gamestop, Micro Center, and Official Atari VCS Online Store. Basic units cost $ 299.99 and wireless classic joysticks and wireless modern controllers each worth $ 59.99. While the console supports almost all PC controllers, retailers also offer bundles from three pieces for # 399.99.

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