iOS 15, Watchos 8 and MacBook Pro: 5 things expected from WWDC 2021

iOS 15, Watchos 8 and MacBook Pro: 5 things expected from WWDC 2021

If you have an Apple device, it is very possible that the WWDC 2021 will bring something interesting to you. This is an Annual Celebration of Apple from itself, where it speaks developers through all updates that come to various operating systems such as iOS and MacOS.

Need to pay attention if you are not a developer, because this is our first chance to see all the new features of this update will bring. Plus, beta of some of them can be launched at the event, before the launch of ‘True’ September.

The WWDC 2021 will begin with the main main conference on the first day – the June 7 – where all new software updates will be shown. We might even see a new gadget launched, according to some leakers, even though it was far from being given to WWDC 2021.

To give you a glimpse easily on what we expect to be launched at Apple’s annual developer conference, we will run you through important points.

iOS 15 and iPados 15

Maybe the biggest opening of WWDC 2021 will be iOS 15, the update of the next iPhone which is likely to come to the phone in September.

We haven’t heard too much about iOS from leaks and rumors, but because iOS 14 is a pretty big upgrade, people expect iOS 15 to present fewer changes. We have heard the control center can get a little redesign.

iPados 15 is an iOS 15 version designed for iPad (as suggested as name), and new updates are generally the same as iPhone partners except with some specific tablet tricks. Again, the news is very light, but iPados 15 is not expected to change too much from iPados 14.

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