Evernote’s task management feature arrived to take Trello

Evernote’s task management feature arrived to take Trello

Evernote, a platform used to dominate the Note-Take market, has added new features that allow it to compete with the Trello task management platform. The new Evernote feature is only called the task and basically serves as a list of tasks that are helped by supercharged. Users can link their duties with notes, set deadlines, and more.

Evernote’s task is not a feature taken note, but it functions with a user’s record to add direct assignment management. Evernote’s task includes some of the main features needed in the product that must be done, including the ability to prioritize a certain list of list items, add the due date if there is, and set a reminder for the main tasks you need to complete.

Different tasks of Trello, arguably the most popular card-based assignment platform, by allowing Evernote users to bind items that must be done with their records. For example, users can place tasks in records related to activity.

In addition, users can open a list of items that must be done in the Evernote side bar, including switching between records based on due date and whether they have been marked. Changes made for assignments accessed, for example, notes, will also be reflected in the side bar. Users can add up to five reminders for notes and can choose to get notifications for important tasks.

Evernote said the task would be widely available later this year, but its features would be accessible faster under the initial access period. Evernote’s plan to limit several task features based on the different Evernote plans, but have not been elaborated about how this will be damaged.

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