Samsung jet kapal 90 Ai + robot vakum

Samsung jet kapal 90 Ai + robot vakum

The best Vuums robot makes cleaning your floor with the wind, when they take a fully task – the posterling around your house sucks fine dust, dirt, and other debris in the fillings, while you put your feet and rest well. ,

Many of the best robot vacuums currently have strong suction that can rival the best vacuum cleaner on the market, along with rechargeable batteries that can last longer than some of the best wireless vacuums. They can be controlled either with your smartphone or sound thanks to the integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, while sophisticated sensors make sure the machine doesn’t hit your furniture or down the stairs.

It’s been more than four years since Samsung launched a robot vacuum but, at CES this year, Samsung launched a new vacuum robot that uses AI Intel technology to ensure it can navigate your way easily as you do. So it’s not surprising, we are looking forward to the release of Samsung Jet Bot 90 AI + to see what innovations will surprise us with the next.


What is that? A new Samsung robot vacuum that can function multiple as a home security camera.

How much does it cost? It is expected to start at $ 499 (around £ 350 / au $ 645).

When will it come out? Hopefully soon.

Samsung Jet Bot 90 Ai + Release date and release

The current Samsung robot vacuum, the PowerBot VR7000 range, was first launched at CES 2017, and was given a price of between $ 499 (around £ 350 / au $ 645) and $ 899 (around £ 635 / au $ 1,160), depending on the selected model – The more suction strength, a softer brush and the number of Robovac ship accessories by influencing how much it costs. Unfortunately, this robot vacuum circuit is only available in the US and has never been released in the UK or Australia.

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