Microsoft Edge finally gets the main security upgrade

Microsoft Edge finally gets the main security upgrade

Microsoft Edge users can now be online without worrying about secure connections thanks to new updates to the browser.

Microsoft has revealed that EDGE will now automatically switch user connections to the website from HTTP to HTTPS which is safer thanks to the new automatic HTTPS feature.

This step follows similar actions from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as a browser maker looking to ensure their users are protected online.

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Edge is safer

In a blog post to announce the news, Microsoft said that updates must keep EDGE users protected from the MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE attack called, where hackers try targeting web traffic while the page is being loaded, directing the victim to a different location ,

“HTTPS automatically turns on your connection to a website from HTTP to HTTPS on sites that are very likely to support safer protocols,” said the company.

“List of HTTPS-capable websites are based on the Microsoft analysis of the Web, and help activate safer connections on hundreds of thousands of top domains.”

Going forward, anyone visiting a website that causes the edge to display the message “unsafe” will see the connection they switch from HTTP to https on the site, the browser believes it is very possible to support safer protocols.

This decision is based on the list of “known-known domains” from Microsoft’s own internal analysis of the Web, which according to the company will help activate a safer connection on the main “hundreds of thousands” domains.

Microsoft says that users will not see a pop-up notification or interrupt on their connection, and suggest website owners serve all content through HTTPS, including top-level documents and each subrespousource.

Upgrading HTTPS is currently continuing to choose Microsoft Edge 92 users on the Canary and Developer preview channels. To activate the feature, the user needs to open the advantage: // Settings / Privacy and turn on “Automatically switch to a safer connection with the automatic HTTPS.”

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