USAF seeking shipping commercial rocket-powered cargo

USAF seeking shipping commercial rocket-powered cargo

The US military expands experimental programs that can someday see the style of space using rockets that can be reused to move materials and equipment on the planet. Per CNBC, the Pentagon moved forward on a project called a rocket cargo where he would study spacecraft that could land on a variety of surfaces and inventory of air drop after re-entering the atmosphere. The Air Force requested $ 47.9 million during fiscal 2022 to continue working on rocket cargo. Most of the funds will run to pay the department prototype want to test in the field and simulation.

The project “will show new trajectories and ways to fly a large rocket, the ability to land rockets in hard locations and designs and test unexpected pods for air decline,” said the Air Force in the budget proposal. “The Air Force department seeks to utilize the current multi-billion-dollar commercial investment to develop the largest rocket ever, and with full reusability to develop and test the ability to utilize commercial rockets to send cargo on earth with fewer than one hour, with capacity 100 tons. “

The document does not mention spacex specifically, but as CNBC shows, heavy rocket starship companies that are developing are the best in accordance with the bills of what the military wants. It also works with SpaceX, as well as an exploration architecture company, when it first started working on a project last year. The problem is that the spacecraft has not yet reached the orbit, and recently managed to land in one piece during a test flight.

Either way, the military keeps his choices open. “We talked to a number of providers we saw potentially come to the table to compete for this contract,” Dr. Greg Spanjers, research leader on the Cargo Project, said on Friday. “Spacex is of course the most visible, there are no questions about it … [But] What you are trying to do is go to the orbitals or suborbital trajectory, bring the charge back down, and land it on planet Earth. There are several companies that have the ability Today’s technology is not only spacex. “The military said it was also willing to consider unclear candidates, some to spur more activities in space.

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